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pre-trial intervention

Pre-trial Intervention

A person who successfully completes the Pre-trial Intervention or Pre-Trial Diversion program can if otherwise eligible have the case sealed and or expunged. Pre-Trial Intervention is for felony charges and Pre-Trial Diversion is for Misdemeanor charges.

948.08 Pretrial intervention program.

(1)The department shall supervise pretrial intervention programs for persons charged with a crime, before or after any information has been filed or an indictment has been returned in the circuit court. Such programs shall provide appropriate counseling, education, supervision, and medical and psychological treatment as available and when appropriate for the persons released to such programs. (2)Any first offender, or any person previously convicted of not more than one nonviolent misdemeanor, who is charged with any misdemeanor or felony of the third degree is eligible for release to the pretrial intervention program on the approval of the administrator of the program and the consent of the victim, the state attorney, and the judge who presided at the initial appearance hearing of the offender. However, the defendant may not be released to the pretrial intervention program unless, after consultation with his or her attorney, he or she has voluntarily agreed to such program and has knowingly and intelligently waived his or her right to a speedy trial for the period of his or her diversion. The defendant or the defendant’s immediate family may not personally contact the victim or the victim’s immediate family to acquire the victim’s consent under this section.

(3)The criminal charges against an offender admitted to the program shall be continued without final disposition for a period of 90 days after the date the offender was released to the program, if the offender’s participation in the program is satisfactory, and for an additional 90 days upon the request of the program administrator and consent of the state attorney, if the offender’s participation in the program is satisfactory. (4)Resumption of pending criminal proceedings shall be undertaken at any time if the program administrator or state attorney finds that the offender is not fulfilling his or her obligations under this plan or if the public interest so requires. The court may not appoint the public defender to represent an indigent offender released to the pretrial intervention program unless the offender’s release is revoked and the offender is subject to imprisonment if convicted.

(5)At the end of the intervention period, the administrator shall recommend:

(a)That the case revert to normal channels for prosecution in instances in which the offender’s participation in the program has been unsatisfactory;

(b)That the offender is in need of further supervision; or

(c)That dismissal of charges without prejudice shall be entered in instances in which prosecution is not deemed necessary.

The state attorney shall make the final determination as to whether the prosecution shall continue.

(6)(a)For purposes of this subsection, the term “nonviolent felony” means a third degree felony violation of chapter 810 or any other felony offense that is not a forcible felony as defined in s. 776.08.

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