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Traffic Violation

Traffic Violation and Suspended License

Warning: A person can be labeled habitual and lose their license for five years if they are adjudicated guilty of three civil infractions for driving while license suspended or revoked without knowledge within a five year period.
If you get a citation for driving while license suspended or revoked without knowledge, do not pay the fine.
Before Doing Anything Contact Geoff Golub, P.A. 321-757-6848
Geoff Golub understands how important it may be for you to drive. Without a car, everyday tasks become more difficult, including shopping, dropping children off and even getting to work and back.
This is why Geoff will fight your traffic violation charges. He will represent your case in criminal and / or traffic court to ensure that you do not lose your driving rights and your insurance rates do not skyrocket.
Contact Geoff Golub today to discuss your rights 321-757-6848!

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