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Applying for Hardship Driver Licenses (Melbourne, Palm Bay, Brevard, Florida)

So, who can apply for a hardship license?


Looking at who cannot apply for a reinstatement of driving privileges might be an easier way to answer this question.  A driver with a ‘clean’ driving record and who can demonstrate a genuine hardship is going to find it easier to obtain a hardship license than one with multiple DUI offenses and no legitimate need to drive a vehicle.

Generally, you cannot apply for reinstatement of a Florida driver’s license if you’ve been convicted of a drinking-driving related offense or had your driving privileges restricted two or more times for a drinking-driving related offense[1].

Let us file your Application for Hardship License, and guide your way clearly through the process of demonstrating to the Hearing Officer that you have a legitimate hardship and are fit to drive a motor vehicle.
Things to bring with you to your hardship license consultation with me:
  • Three letters of recommendation from respected persons in the community in which you live.
  • Proof of meeting driver improvement school requirements as provided in Section 322.271, F.S.
  • Any paperwork you may have showing that driving is necessary to your employment and to reach your employment or school


[1] FAC 15A-1.019(5)

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