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Family Law

Melbourne, FL Divorce Attorney & Family Law

Erica Feinswog is a Family Law & Divorce attorney concentrating in child custody, divorce, paternity and dependency actions. Erica Feinswog also handles other civil law cases. Erica Feinswog was a former Assistant State Attorney in Brevard County Florida.
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If you are experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, Erica Feinswog, Attorney At Law can help. Divorce can be one of the most stressful situations anyone will ever endure. It is rarely simple, and it can be extremely complicated. You need reliable and objective advice to guide you through a process where making the right choices is so critical.
At The Law Office of Geoffrey Golub –Erica Feinswog has the experience, patience, and attentiveness to allow each client to attain their ultimate goal with the least amount of stress. Erica Feinswog, has been fighting for the rights of individuals in Melbourne Fl. Whom face the difficulties of separation, divorce, support, child custody and property division.
Erica Feinswog divorce attorney knows how to negotiate, and how to litigate. At the same time, we know what works and what doesn’t, what is achievable and what isn’t, and what is needed to keep your case on track. The team is prepared to handle the complex aspects of your divorce methodically to obtain the most favorable trial outcome.
The dissolution of a marriage can involve a complex process of dividing marital assets. This can include not just the family home and its contents, but also such things as stock options, pension plans, investments, and business interests. We have expertise readily available to sort through, evaluate and actively resolve each of these difficult issues.
Whatever your individual needs in this difficult arena, we are ready to listen, to put our experience at your service, and to effectively assert your interests, whether negotiating or litigating on your behalf. We hear you. We can speak for you. We can help you.

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